How To Prevent Razor Bumps And Acne After Shaving? Razor Bump Remedies

Razor bumps, skin redness and acne resulting after shaving can be a pain!  Not only is it itchy and uncomfortable, but these bumps can leave dark marks which are hard to get rid of.

Of course, one of the long-lasting solutions to this problem is to go for laser hair removal treatments.  But what do we do if we just don’t have the money to do this?

I have tried and tested several home remedies and products.  This is my top 6 remedies of both home products and skincare products that you can try.

Why do we get razor bumps?

Razor bumps are caused by ingrown hairs after shaving which causes inflammation (redness), bumps or even acne.  So how do ingrown hairs happen?  After shaving, these hairs grow back out but they curl back into the skin and penetrate it, causing it to be ingrown.  Ingrown hairs can happen to anyone but mostly for people who have naturally curly or course hair.

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6 Remedies To Prevent & Treat Razor Bumps

1. Hair conditioner

Hair conditioner is quite thick in consistency and helps in preventing and reducing razor bumps.  It’s about 75% effective and you can put it on anytime the redness occurs.  Conditioner is moisturizing for the hair but definitely not on the skin, so this can make your skin feel dry once the conditioner seeps in.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Add yet another benefit of ACV to the list!  Raw (or ‘mother’) apple cider vinegar helps to wipe all those impurities away that gets under the shaven skin, thus helping to reduce bumps and redness.

3. Clay masks

Using clay masks (or facial masks that contains clay) is highly effective to dry out acne and reduce scars.  So, I’ve been using my bentonite clay and L’Oréal Pure Clay Facial Mask right after shaving on those areas where razor bumps usually occur.

4. Raw Shea Butter

This moisturizes the skin fairly well and is thick in consistency.  I found that it has about 60% effectiveness on my skin to reduce razor bumps.


Another great and harmless product to help dry out razor bumps – toothpaste!  Apply to the areas needed and let it sit for a couple of hours (how long is up to you).  I like to use this overnight for full effectiveness.

6.Rich Moisturizing Lotion (non-fragrance)

Using a unscented, rich body lotion is very helpful for reducing razor bumps. My top 4?

(1) E45 Cream

This UK body cream is designed to soothe dry, flaking, chapped skin, as well as sunburn.  It’s thick in texture and keeps the skin moisturized for a long period of time.

(2) Aqueous cream

Lo and behold! This is one product that my mom absolutely believes in!  Just as the E45 cream, aqueous cream relieves dry skin conditions such as eczema.  It has been in my household for many years and is trustworthy!

(3) Cetaphil

Cetaphil came highly recommended online when I researched accessible products to treat severe acne.  Personally, it wasn’t that effective for my skin compared to the other lotions. (But, it’s worth mentioning since other consumers recommend it – it may work for you).

(4) Derma Hydrate

Do you have one of those aunts in which you know that anything they buy, it will be good quality because their skin is just so flawless?  I have one of those aunts!  And when she left a bottle of Derma Hydrate after moving overseas, I snatched it up before anyone else could!  Derma Hydrate is my ultimate fav and I won’t go back from it!  It is liquid in texture and extremely moisturizing for sensitive skin.  I apply this product twice a day (morning & night) and it prevents all redness, acne and itching from my skin.

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