Feline Eyes Trend

The thread lift A.K.A “fox eyes lift” is a cosmetic trend that is becoming increasingly popular.  Ever wondered how Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Candice Swanepoel managed to get those foxy eye shape?  This might be the reason!

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The thread lift is a medium-invasive procedure which inserts medical-grade, absorbable thread in a number of different areas of your face and allows the surgeon to pull your skin upward by tightening the thread – lifting the corner of your eyes and eyebrow ends which gives you a “cat” or “fox” look.

Areas include:

  • jowls and jawline
  • brow line
  • under-eye area
  • forehead
  • upper cheeks
  • crows feet
  • vermillion border of top lip
  • nasolabial folds (indented lines in the skin that extend from the edges of the nose to the outer corners of the mouth)
  • marionette lines

How long does it last?

Results from a thread lift last from 6 months to 3 years. 

How much does it cost?

Since this is a cosmetic procedure, it’s unlikely that it will be covered by a medical insurance, so out-of-pocket it is!  Costs may vary from $2,250 (US), £2,000 (UK), R2,000 (RSA).

How long does the procedure take?

This procedure takes about 20-45 minutes.

* Please find a trained, licensed provider when considering doing the thread lift procedure.

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