Curly Products To Maintain Natural Curls

Have you ever just stared in awe, drooling when browsing natural curly hair on Pinterest?  I do!  I’m amazed to see how many different hair textures we are each born with.  For someone like me that has 3B curls, I’ve always wanted manageable, easy to style hair.  I would relax my hair many times when I was younger, used keratin treatments and tried all the straightening mousses.  But when you see how beautiful and natural these curls look, maybe we should think again before committing to a straightening treatment that will damage our curls.

My biggest problem with my naturally curly hair is that it shrinks my 16-inch hair into a bob!

These are my tried, tested and approved products to help keep and stretch your curls:

1. Marc Anthony Lotion Strictly CurlsCurl Defining Lotion

This was one of my first products that I tried to hold my natural curls in place.  From my experience, it definitely does the job! 


  • it’s liquid in consistency
  • has very light stickiness (20%
  • 100% defined curls
  • less natural shrinkage
  • reduces frizz


  • can make the curls hard
  • hard to wash out

2. Shea Moisture Curl & Shine Conditioner

Sometimes, I like to use conditioners to hold my curls in place instead of a lotion or a mousse.  I find that it makes my curls softer and looser.


  • softer hair
  • 40% defined curls
  • non-sticky


  • still causes natural hair shrinkage
  • doesn’t reduce frizz

3. Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie

This product goes a long way and makes my hair feel really moisturized!


  • hair is thoroughly moisturized
  • adds shine
  • reduces frizz
  • thick in consistency
  • a little goes a long way


  • hair sticks together by the second day
  • a little hard to wash out (especially for a blowout)

Have you tried these products before?

Does it work for your natural curls?

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